Alan Greenspan on Information Technology:

Service and Maintenance

At PolicySystems, the initial installation is just the beginning of our partnership. Knowledgeable, friendly and responsive support personnel are always just a click or phone call away. Free new versions bringing you new features and value are an integral part of the partnership. The occasional bug that occurs will be corrected as quickly as possible. We are fanatical about service. It’s how WE surpass OUR competition!


At PolicySystems, our customers are our lifeblood. We partner with you for the long haul. Our success is directly linked to your success. We will do everything in our power to help you increase your efficiency and productivity using PolicySystems.


We tailor the full-featured PolicySystems product to your marketplace, not the other way around. Quotes, declinations, binders and bills are all customized to your specifications, including wording, formatting and logo. Policies, declaration pages and endorsements are produced using your forms as templates. Classes, coverages, limits and retentions are among the many items tuned to your exact needs.


To use PolicySystems, all you need is an Internet connection and a modern version of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. That’s it. There’s no software to install, no servers to purchase and no IT staff to hire. We tailor, upgrade and maintain the software for you on the PolicySystems web-site.


PolicySystems gets you up and productive immediately. During the start-up period, we will be on-site at your office for a minimum of 5 full days providing hands-on training, tailoring and productivity advice. We’re not happy until you are.


PolicySystems is committed to helping you get the most out of our product. We do this through unparalleled post-sales support. We know your time is best spent producing business, not managing your IT.

Our knowledgeable and friendly support staff is typically a minute or two away. Click on the “Call Support” button and a support person will call you back within a couple minutes. You can also telephone us directly.

Service and Maintenance

At PolicySystems we are continually upgrading our features and business value based on your suggestions. These upgrades become available to you automatically, at no additional charge, as part of our service agreement and service-oriented culture.

The occasional bug that occurs receives our full focus. Bugs are usually fixed within a day.

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