Alan Greenspan on Information Technology:

Reduced Operating Expenses

Reduce the workload on your administrative staff freeing them for other tasks.

Eliminate Duplicate Entry – With PolicySystems, information is only entered once. It is then used throughout the entire business process. For example, the insured name entered with the submission automatically appears on the quote, binder, bill, policy and bordereau.

Issue Policies with One Click – Through the course of the business process, PolicySystems collects all the information required to issue the policy. When you are ready to issue the policy, there is nothing left to do but click on the “Generate” button. The fully-assembled policy is ready in seconds, freeing up administrative resources.

Distribute Policies Electronically – PolicySystems automatically generates fully-assembled policies in PDF format. After quality-checking the policy on your screen, you can print the policy or electronically send it directly to the agent/broker. The agent/broker bears the time and expense of printing, addressing and mailing the policy.

Deliver Bills Electronically – After the binder is sent, a few more clicks generates the bill and electronically sends it to the agent/broker. Delays getting bills out are eliminated. Processing burden on your organization is reduced.

Automate Bordereau Preparation – Bordereaus are automatically prepared by PolicySystems again saving your organization time.

Increased Productivity and Volume

Increase your top-line by increasing underwriter productivity and launching new products and programs rapidly.

Rapidly Launch New Products – New lines and programs are launched in days instead of months. We quickly customize PolicySystems to the format of your new quotes and binders, coverages and forms. Your new product is instantly available and you start quoting immediately. Your time-to-market is a fraction of your competition's.

Speedily Produce Quotes – PolicySystems lets the underwriter focus on reviewing accounts, freeing them from the non-underwriting busy work. After submissions appear in the on-screen work queue, the underwriter selects the limits, retentions, price, carrier and policy form. Policy Systems applies your tailored Increased Limit Factors. PolicySystems suggests appropriate endorsements and “Subject To” information, which the underwriter can refine if necessary. When the underwriter clicks on “Send”, the fully-customized quote is electronically sent to the agent/broker in seconds. The underwriter quickly moves on to the next account.

Lightning Fast Declinations –The underwriter clicks one of your customized declination reasons and refines the wording if necessary. Two clicks and the declination is on its way to the agent/broker. No email addresses or fax numbers to hunt down. The underwriter is on to the next account in seconds.

Instant Online Document Access – All documents are securely stored online for instant availability. No more going to the files to find last years quote or running down the hall to pull the policy. A couple clicks brings the document up on your screen and a couple more forward it on to the interested party, be that an agent/broker, claims authority, carrier, reinsurer or other business partner.

Leapfrog Your Competition

Bring Your Backroom to the Future – Achieve sustainable competitive advantage over your competitors by jumping to state-of-the-art technology in one easy step. PolicySystems is built on the very latest Microsoft .NET technologies and is a 21st century distributed Internet system.

Focus on Your Core Competencies – Your core competencies are underwriting, producing business and improving agent/broker relationships. Our core competency is managing the information technology so you can focus on your core competencies.

No Servers, IT Staff – There are no expensive in-house servers or specialized IT staff increasing your expenses. All you need to use PolicySystems is an Internet connection and a modern version of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. PolicySystems lets you reduce or eliminate your systems expense and headaches while you retain full ownership and control of your business data.

Anytime, Anywhere – You can use PolicySystems anywhere you have an Internet connection. Send a couple quotes from home in the evening, monitor underwriter productivity from your laptop while traveling, sign on while visiting the agent or broker’s office and deliver a revised quote on the spot. Your multiple offices are automatically and seamlessly integrated into your backroom, with no additional hardware or software needed.

Increased Market Presence and Image – PolicySystems puts you on a level playing field with much larger organizations. You are not just on the web with a site. You are actually conducting business with agents, brokers, insureds, carriers and reinsurers across the web. Your visibility, reputation and perceived sophistication are markedly enhanced.

No Software Upgrades to Install – We maintain the PolicySystems software on our centralized web servers. There are never new versions to purchase or install. You are always running the latest version.

Be the Market of Choice - Improve Producer Relationships

PolicySystems lets you return quotes in minutes. Revised quotes arrive at the agent/brokers computer while they are still on the phone with you.

Issue binders electronically in minutes, to the agent/broker or perhaps straight to their insured.

If the insured is in a big hurry, your agents/brokers know you can execute from application to binder-in-the-insured’s-hands in minutes if need be.

Bills arrive electronically at the agent/broker at the same time as the binder.

Your instant turnaround reinforces agent/broker relationships and makes you the market of choice.

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